ARIT is a membership organization, composed of North American universities and institutes that have research interests in Turkey.  By their annual dues and contributions, ARIT member institutions provide major support for ARIT operations and programs in Turkey and the U.S.  At present, forty-seven universities and research institutions are members of ARIT.

Member institutions appoint delegates to represent their interests.  The Delegates carry out the governance and guide the work of the Institute. They elect Officers and Directors and Committee Members from among their numbers.  Delegates also make up the Committee on Nominations and Committee on Finance.  The Committee on Fellowships is nominated and elected from outside of the ARIT membership.

Universities and other educational and research institutions that share an interest in research and scholarship related to Turkey are welcome to join ARIT as institutional members.  For further information about institutional membership, please contact the ARIT office in Philadelphia.


President:  C. Brian Rose, University of Pennsylvania, 2023
Vice President:  Beatrice Manz, Tufts University, 2023
Treasurer:  Brian Peasnall, University of Delaware, 2023
Secretary:  Nikolay Antov, University of Arkansas, 2023


Kathleen Lynch, University of Cincinnati, 2023
Sylvia Önder, Georgetown University, 2022
Lee Ullmann, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2024
Carole Woodall, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, 2024
Tyler Jo Smith, University of Virginia, 2022
Yücel Yanıkdağ, University of Richmond, 2024
Birol Yeşilada, Portland State University, 2024
Bahadır Yıldırım, Archaeological Exploration of Sardis, Harvard University, 2024