ARIT is the representative American institution that supports U.S. based research in Turkey.  ARIT provides specialized libraries, as well as logistical and administrative assistance to U.S. scholars carrying out research in the country.  The ARIT centers in Istanbul and Ankara offer opportunities for exchanges and collaborations with Turkish and other local scholars.

Institutions involved in research in any fields of the humanities and social sciences on or related to Turkey are welcome to join ARIT.  Departments and centers within universities may join together to support a membership.

Institutional members name delegates who provide the governance and carry out the work of the Institute.

FULL MEMBERSHIP – annual fee is $2,500 annually.

ASSOCIATIONAL MEMBERSHIP – a single membership may be shared by associations of two or five institutions, apportioning the membership dues proportionally.  Half membership is $1,250; one-fifh membership is $500 annually.

JOIN ARIT – To become an institutional member of ARIT, please contact the ARIT office in Philadelphia.

Full Members

Brown University
University of Chicago
Dumbarton Oaks
Georgetown University
Harvard University
University of Illinois
University of Michigan

New York University
University of Pennsylvania
Princeton University
Rutgers University
University of Virginia
University of Toronto

Association Members

Archaeological Institute of America
University of Arizona
University of Arkansas
Boston University
Bryn Mawr College
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, San Diego
University of Central Florida
University of Cincinnati
Columbia University
Cornell University
Council of American Overseas Research Centers
Dartmouth College
Duke University
Indiana University

University of Maryland
Michigan State University
University of Minnesota
University of Nebraska
University of North Carolina
Northwestern University
Ohio State University
Portland State University
Stanford University
Texas A & M University
University of Texas, Austin
Tufts University
University of Washington
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Washington University, Saint Louis
Yale University